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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anchors Away

I'm a bit teary-eyed while working in the office today. This morning, my older brother David is headed out on another deployment. In case you've missed it any of the 35798234 million times I've bragged on him before:

 He's a Naval Academy grad

A super incredible helicopter pilot (he flys SH-60s)

A husband to my awesome sister in law Melissa

And a soon to be dad!

He's also a hero. A real live hero.  He doesn't wear a cape, a mask or have any known super powers {other than the uncanny ability to tell the worst jokes ever}, but he's strong, brave, smart, and honorable. And he's willing to risk his life to keep us safe.

As a pilot in the Navy, he's based on a destroyer than travels the globe, so he doesn't really have the same options that a soldier in Afghanistan would even have. The phone calls can be very few and far between, internet access is hit or miss, and once he's left on a deployment, there's no coming home until its over.

And unless you've been under a rock, you also know that Melissa is due with their first child in 4 WEEKS! {first time aunt here - super excited!} While this is a pretty exciting time, its also quieted by the fact that when Liv is born, David won't be there. When she and Melissa come home from the hospital, he won't be there. When she starting teething and crying and sleeping two hours at night, he won't be there. Hopefully he'll make it back in time to see the crawling, hear the talking, and still change a few diapers, but its still more of a sacrifice that I can imagine any new dad facing. And he's not alone. Men and women in our military make unthinkable sacrifices like this every day. For you and me.
We just celebrated Thanksgiving in a country that is truly truly blessed. Please don't ever forget to be thankful for those who serve and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you'd like to pay it forward, here's an idea. Send Dave a little care package while he's gone, just to let him know that you're thankful for his service. Keep in mind he has limited space on the ship {no life size Scarlett Johannson cut-outs please}, but he loves getting granola bars, chocolate, crystal-lite individual mixes, anything Alabama football, and cigars! Short on hour of time and a couple of bucks? Send a note or a postcard telling him thanks and that he's a rockstar.

LT David M. Thomas
Attention: Air Department
USS Stockdale (DDG-106)
FPO AP-966-1205

If nothing else, please keep him and his family in your prayers along with the thousands of other servicemen and women. While we sure complain a lot about this country, it'd be hard to find any greater place in the world to call home.
Thanks for hearing this sappy sister out today. You guys really are awesome too! God bless.

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  1. Thanks for giving out his address. My husband and I have been on the look out for someone to send packages. He believes he knows what the contents of a perfect care package should be. (due to the fact he has been there done that) We will keep your sister-in-law in our thoughts also.