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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabric Artwork

I have the hardest time finding just the right artwork to decorate a room with! This time, instead of spending hours looking for prints or new ideas, I decided to go with another angle - using fabric as a print. It's simple, easy, and usually a super cheap investment!

*Sorry for the grainy pictures. I misplaced my camera and had to use my iPhone*

- Frame for your fabric
- A precut matte board to highlight your fabric
- Fabric print of choice!

Here I'm using a 16x20 frame. It originally came with a matte board, but I wanted more framing around the fabric so I had a local art store cut a new board to frame an 8x10 piece of fabric. Make sure to iron any wrinkles out of the fabric before placing it in your frame!

 Make sure to attach the fabric securely to the frame to keep it from wrinkling behind the glass. A couple of pieces of tape ought to do the trick. Assembly your frame pieces, hang, and enjoy! When you get tired of the print, simply switch it out for another with little to no hassle. Love this look over my bed!


  1. I found something like this in a magazine where you use old dress shirts, stencil or trace an image in pencil on the shirt and then "outline" stitch it. Ok well not like it at all...but it still uses fabric and you frame it!

  2. That sounds like a fabulous idea!! Might have to look into it. J.B. definitely has some old dress shirts that need to find "new meaning." Thanks for the suggestion!