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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stenciled Glass Bottles

Yet another project that started with a friend pointing out that she loved an overpriced decorative piece. You guys know my reply to that is always "I can totally make that for you ..."

Take a number please!

This project is super easy and unbelievably charming when finished. The vintage bottles add pizazz to any window sill or table scape.

 - a grouping of vintage bottles
 - generic stencils including numbers
 - black craft paint
 - a stencil brush
 - spray satin poly
1. Stencil your favorite number or letter on individual bottles with the black craft paint.
2. Allow craft paint to dry, shouldn't take very long. In the meantime, find a well ventilated area to spray the poly.

3. Spray each bottle lightly  with the poly to seal in the craft paint. Allow time to dry. And voila! You're finished!

If you want to get real snazzy, add a piece of burlap with some craft before stenciling ... fray the edges first for the authentic vintage look. You could even spell out a word, lining the bottles up to complete the spelling? Endless possibilities.

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