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Friday, September 17, 2010

Disney World!!

Helllllloooooo September!

It seriously snuck up on me! I spent most of the month of August prepping for vacation, so it flew by. Also ... hello Disney World!!

J.B. and I had a incredible time! We promised ourselves that we would have to Walt Disney World before we ever have kids, knowing that after that the experience would be completely different. To say that we channeled the 10 year old in each of us would probably be the understatement of the year. We jumped from one park to another, from one ride to the next. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Typhoon Lagoon. Even spent some shopping time at Downtown Disney. It was pure insanity.

It was J.B.'s first time at Disney and I hadn't been since I was a kid, so it was practically brand new to each of us. I'm always amazed at the detail that goes into every little inch of a place like Disney World. You really feel like you've been taken into those wonderful worlds! That extra touch is what makes all the difference. Its what sets WDW apart from Six Flags-type parks.

Favorite stops?
- Loved the jeep safari at Animal Kingdom. They drive you through the Disney reserve, which is home to free roaming animals from all over the world. We literally had to stop our Jeep for a few minutes because a rhino was on the path.
- J.B.'s favorite ride was definitely the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster. You board a "limo" that goes from 0 to 60 in two seconds to shoot you into an inside roller coaster ride through "L.A. traffic." Aerosmith is blasting in the background of-course. Super fun, but it made me feel like an old lady. I kept yelling, "Why does it have to be so loud? Turn down the music!" :)
- The Tower of Terror was also a highlight. While at WDW, I was trying to put my amusement park fears (crazy roller coaster rides, super scary things, or free falls) aside so I could experience everything. My husband isn't a big fan of free falls either, but I guess if he thought that if his chicken wife was going to do it, he was in too. Needless to say, J.B. and I rolled up on the Tower of Terror completely equipped to die. Overdramatic? Most definitely. But despite our qualms, the ride was an absolute blast. Definitely a fun memory from the trip.

Even though its a vacation, there really is no relaxing to be had at Disney World. We probably walked an average of 8-10 miles a day (which is great because I ate my fair share of Mickey Mouse ice cream bars). But it also meant that we came home exhausted at the end of the trip. J.B. and I initially decided that we could grow up once we'd gone to Disney World together, but after all that fun, I think we just might stay kids forever!

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