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Friday, August 21, 2015

still here...

Hi loves! I'm still here, still kicking. 

Eliza is doing so well in the Vanderbilt NICU and we are thrilled with her healing and progress. Our fingers are double and triple crossed to be able to head home next week!
As always, you can keep up with her daily progress over at Expecting Eliza

(She'd say hi, but that might require her to wake her chunky self up, haha.)

I'm hoping that after we get this little lady settled in at home, I can jump back into my same old nonsense here on the blog!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

She's here!!

Our perfect lady!! 

Eliza Grace Wilder was born Wednesday, August 12th at 6lbs, 15oz and 19 inches long.
And she's a squishy baby! Love her rolls! 

We are so happy that she's here and can get the absolute best care. Vanderbilt has done an amazing job thus far with her care. More on that to come.

For now, here's our sweet gal on her birthday:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

our summer of three recap

This summer has been so different from most. We've had such a fun to-do list of family things to do, and we've had this sense of urgency to complete them! Not just because I might go into labor, but also because we want to soak up every last minute as a family of three. 

Spending time with Eliza in the NICU means spending time away from Jake. We'll miss the stew out of him and are thankful for all the fun things that we've done in the last few weeks to us over until all four of us are together for the first time. 

Coincidentally, Eliza's arrival is right in line with the first days of school around here. So even though we're ending the summer with a baby instead of a school supply list, its all coming to a close at about the same time anyway.

Remember that to-do list we made at the beginning of the summer?
Well, we crushed it!

We got to do some brand new things with Jake this summer that were especially fun. 

Like taking him to his first movie!

He was so excited to finally go to the "big theater" and for a three year old, he was on really great behavior! J.B. and I just loved watching his face light up and laugh during the movie. I'm excited that this is a new thing we can do with him in the future when kid movies come out!

He was also finally tall enough to ride the go karts! He's been asking to do this for forever it seems like, but our poor shorty never made the height requirements. 

Jake absolutely loves to soar around the go kart track! It's become a special Daddy/Jake thing this summer that has been so sweet to watch.

And we had some other new adventures, like checking out the local drive thru zoo. 
Yes! A drive thru zoo!! It's a "safari" of sorts that allows you buy food for the animals and then drive through the park and feed them. Everything from deer and buffalo to zebras and ostriches! 

It's such a neat place to see the animals roam around!

Here's a buffalo drooling down the side of my car {yuck!}. 

{And if you're a local, be sure to check out the Harmony Park Safari!}

All in all, its been a great summer with J.B. and Jake. 

Of course, as one season ends, I'm always ready for the next one. Halloween, pumpkins, hay rides, football, cooler weather and a BABY! 

This fall is already sounding pretty fantastic to me! 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

travel lego box {DIY tutorial}

Jake is going to be spending some extra time with my parents during Eliza's arrival. So when he asked if he could take his legos to Gramma's, I had the idea to create a little travel kit for him to play with.

This was a pretty simple project, and would also make a great gift idea if you know of any lego obsessed kids {or are all kids lego obsessed?}.

I started with a little tin lunchbox style container.
{nabbed from the Target Dollar Spot!}

On the inside of the case, I attached some felt, using double sided tape. 
I'm thinking this will cut down a little bit on the racket with all those pieces inside.

Then on the lid, I attached a lego basemat. You can grab these anywhere legos are sold and cut them to size with regular scissors. 

Now toss in some legos!

If you like, you can also cut a piece of the basemat down to fit across the legos. It can fit into the little grooves to act as a wall.

Kid tested, mother approved, Gramma's house ready!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

scripture memory cards! {in the shop}

Isn't it funny how your children can inspire you in so many ways? You think that you're the role model and the boss, but really, they are constantly teaching you. 

Well, that's the case for me anyway. 

One of the things that I've decided to work on this year was teaching Jake a Scripture verse every month. He has a fantastic memory and picks things up with incredible ease. I wanted to fill that sweet head of his with encouragement and love and truth!

Along came our Scripture cards...



Month by month, Jake is learning these precious words. We're up to verse number seven and I couldn't be prouder!
And what he's learning is inspiring me as well. I get a refresher with each of these verses myself and am so encouraged to learn more and more. 


Since its such a great thing for us, I thought it might be something to share with others. 

This listing includes a digital file with twenty Scripture cards with verses that anyone can learn. Just print and enjoy!! 
Another great idea for these cards is to create a flip book. Simply punching a hole in the corner and adding a book clip means you have all the cards together. You can take it anywhere or just use the concept to keep your cards organized.


Swing by the Live A Little Wilder print shop today to nab a copy of these awesome cards!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

waiting for Eliza

I can't believe we're already to the "any day now" point! While the days have seemed long at times, the weeks and months of this pregnancy have absolutely flown by. 

To say that its been nothing like what we expected would be the understatement of a lifetime. We never anticipated having a child with special needs or all of the crazy planning and emotions that come with it. But ultimately, we're super excited about this little munchkin joining our family. I know she'll be the perfect fit!

In case you missed them, here are a few of the previous posts about Eliza:

And if you'd like to follow along on the specifics of Eliza's birth, surgeries, and medical-schmedical whatnot, feel free to jump over to her little space online at Expecting Eliza. I hope to keep it updated with what's new as we try to navigate our way through spina bifida with this beautiful little lady. 

But enough with the links, right? How about all the deets on this pregnancy?

How far along: 37 weeks... She'll be born sometime in the next two weeks for sure!
Gender: Girl!
Name:  Eliza Grace
Weight gain: 14 pounds. If you looked at me, I'm sure you'd call me a liar. I have a much bigger baby bump this time around that when I did with Jake, but I really haven't gained a ton of weight. I'm not mad!
Sleep: Still not happening. Sad. This girl really loves her sleep.
Movement: Eliza is a busy girl! It's been surprising to the doctors, who have told us that she really shouldn't be moving much from the waist down. Too bad docs, this lady is jumping and jiving all the time!
Cravings: Everything. Especially fruits!
Sibling Love: Jake is so so so excited about his sister! He gives her hugs and kisses all the time and talks about all the awesome thing he and Eliza are going to do together. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
Best moment lately: All the nice moments when the specialists tell us how boring our case it. Spoiler alert: when specialists tell you that you're boring, that's a great thing!
Worst moment lately: Nothing much to report yet. I imagine it might be the moment when we drop Jake off at my parents house for an indefinite amount of time. There will be so many tears...
Looking forward to: Meeting her!! That's a given, right?

So what's new now?
Like I said, we're ready! We've had the last of our appointments at Vanderbilt with all the surgeons and specialists that are seeing to her care. Now it's just a waiting to game to see when she'll make her debut! Once she's born, we'll be spending some time in the NICU as she recovers from her initial surgeries. Hopefully after a stint of time there, she'll be able to come home and do all the normal baby antics like looking adorable, keeping us up all night, and modeling my latest ridiculous baby creations. 

{so so so pregnant, guys!}

Ultimately, I think J.B. and I are both equal parts nervous and excited about the next few weeks. It's a lot to take in. A lot. But we're also confident that God is working and has His hand in all things. There's nothing more encouraging than that!

Can't wait to share her with you all!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#14}


Probably our last only-child Toddler Art Tuesday post! What???
It's pretty fun to watch Jake get more and more coordinated and be able to do more things. But a sweet little baby joining us at the table in a couple of months sounds awesome too. I miss those chubby little hands splattering in the paint!

Jake was totally into this one! Probably the combination of paint, rolling marbles and getting the shake the pan all by himself. What's not for a three year old to love??

I used washable paints and one of my cooking pans. 
{A box lid would probably have been better, but I couldn't find one}

I used a piece of thick cardstock paper so the paint would absorb a little better. 
Also, I figure there are about 238792 ways you can do this. Maybe coat your marbles in paint first? But I just stuck a couple of dabs on the paper itself and let the rolling marbles disperse it. 

Jake loved rolling the marbles back and forth!

Obviously this creates a crazy looking pattern on the paper depending on your colors and whatnot. 

Daddy got the copy of this one for his office!

I seriously have no idea what it is about stamping things, but holy obsession! Jake would spend hours and hours stamping everything we owned if I let him. 

I found this little thumb print set in a local kid's shop. They had several varieties {princess, fairy tales, dragons, etc} but I went with the more general kid. It basically comes with a couple of stamp pads, a set of small colored pencils, and a few stamps. They also have a set of patterns to show you how to make different creatures with your thumb prints!

He. went. nuts. for. this. 

Let me just say that neither of these projects were incredible time consuming or expensive. And they aren't crazy complicated as far as kiddo crafts. That's just not always a necessity when it comes to doing projects around our house. 

My main goal with the Jake's little art posts is to keep him busy and creating. I always want his brain working hard to dream big and know that he can do whatever he wants. Music and art are such amazing ways to expand any kiddo! 

So don't brush it off if you aren't a "crafty parent". No experience necessary! Just keep these kiddos dreaming and creating!

For more Toddler Art Tuesday posts, click here:


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