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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

currently {july}


Flyboy  - Elliott Park

A random Pandora discovered turned new favorite. Elliott Park has written some beautiful songs for other artists and his own album is just as lovely. It's relaxing and contemplative. Highly recommend.

I'm not. 
I know. Shame on me. But I'm always a sporadic reader. I'll breeze through three or four books, then not pick up another for several months. I recently finished The Testing series {another dystopia trilogy} and enjoyed it. I'm ready for a new book to dive into so I'm definitely looking forward to our next book club meeting {read: girl talk and wine club with a two minute dash of literature}.

Being a full time at home mom! I left my full time job last month and have been infinitely happy with the decision. I was way overwhelmed with home life and mom life and work like all going on simultaneously. A lot of folks have the idea that working from home is the dream, and I guess it is in a certain situation. But if you have an 8-5 full time job, its really hard to keep tabs on your home and raise a happy toddler all at the same moment.

We've been able to do so much more now that I'm not tied to a job during the day. Jake and I went with my mom to Michigan for a week to visit my Grama.

And we've had tons of time for other fun adventures. With my new found freedom and this active little fella's energy, this is definitely my favorite summer ever!

I'm working on a new room for Jake! 

I figure its time to grow out of the nursery and into a big boy room. He still sleeps great in his crib so I'm in no big rush to swap him into the twin bed. We're moving him to a different room all together so I'm just working on the new space little by little for now while he stays in his current space.

If you follow along on my Pinterest you've seen several of my ideas - all based around a room for a little adventurer! It's sort of camping/travel/safari/explorer ish. Lots of tans and browns with some forrest green. Lots of natural textures and a rustic feel. We've built him {in my opinion} a pretty fabulous and creative bed already. Large furniture is currently getting painted and primed. I'll be sure to share a design board soon!

To finish out our summer to do list in the next few weeks!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

everyone loves a winner

Or do they? I mean, they won and you didn't. So everyone hates a winner? 
Well, that doesn't seem very nice either. None the less, I hope you all love 

because she's the randomly selected winner of our sweet summer giveaway! Sounds like she's a lucky gal getting to plan her wedding this summer. I'm always jealous of the ladies that are wedding planning nowadays. So many awesome diy/decor ideas via Pinterest!

Congrats Erica! Send me a little note and I'll ship off your goodies asap. 


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the diaper strap {tutorial}

"But what do they actually need?"

Two of my best friends are both pregnant with their first babies {one is having twins!}. 
 To say that I'm super excited for them would be an understatement. And since I already have Jake, I'm on the other side of this adventure, so it's really nice to be able to offer some great girlfriend advice from my own experiences. 

I felt especially helpful a couple of weeks ago when they both told me they needed me to walk them through Babies R Us. Moms, haven't we all been there? Baby stores are scary places pre-baby. Remember back when walking down the bottle aisle made your head spin? Before you knew the Bobby and the Baby Breeza? Row after row of things that you must buy for baby or you're a terrible parent!

Yup. I remembered. So I gladly agreed and we made a fun girls day out of it. Walking down those aisles, they kept asking, "But do they really need this?" Most of the time, the answer is no. Babies don't truly need anywhere near all the junk that's out there now. But all of us moms have our own favorite items and tricks that we used on our own little ones to make life simpler and happier. 

The diaper strap is one of mine. 

Its a simple thing really. It holds a few diapers and a small wipe case tightly together. No rummaging through your bag for each of them. No carting that hefty diaper bag any more than you have to. And fellas, you're welcome. I know you'd rather just grab this than that hot pink monogrammed paisley baby bag anyway. 

Super simple to sew. I made three in an hour yesterday.

: :   Materials  : :

scrap of cute fabric {20"x8"}
scrap of muslin {20"x8"}
sewing maching
scrap of velcro {3"-4"}
button {optional}

Starting by cutting your fabric to size. I like to go with 20 inches by 8 inches. Your cute fabric and the interior muslin will lay on top of each other.
{Pretty fabric facing the very bottom}

We're going to press everything together before sewing. Makes things simple.

First, fold your fabric up {lengthwise} and press. 

Unfold and you should have a nice center line.

Now fold in a 1/2 inch on each side and press. 

Next, fold the top and the bottom jagged edge toward the inside crease. Then press.

And lastly, fold the fabric in half at the center crease. Then press.

Sew around all four sides to hold in place. 

Add your velco. Make sure to sew each piece on to opposite sides so the strap makes a loop.

I like to add a little button on top just for a cute accessory, but that's totally your call. 

Now Baby Sutton, Baby Isaiah, and the Mooneyham twins all have a diaper strap. 

Do the babies really need it? Probably not. 
But if it makes life easier for the first time mom and dad, I say go for it!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

jake's bathroom makeover

My upstairs guest bathroom has been pretty ordinary for awhile. I'd been thinking that I might make it a little more fun for Jake since its really his space. 

Nautical theme? Don't mind if I do!

Sorry for the lack of lighting here. This bathroom has no windows so natural light is a nadda. Sad.

For those of you that follow along on Instagram, you saw a sneak peak of the bathroom walls a few weeks back. I hand painted the blue ombre waves {yes, it took for.ev.er}, but I'm super happy with the end result!

I also added in a few fun accents like a fishing net and some nautical knicknacks. 
The simple pallet piece that I made is my favorite. 

Love this little fella' on the back of the door for Jake's towel.

And here's a good look at the waves along the back wall...

Here's my attempt at a panoramic. Which really looks kinda wonky and oddly spaced, but whatever, you get it, right?

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. It's calming and sweet but also a little fun.
And Jake loves his "ocean room". Can't ask for much more than that!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

toddler art tuesday, um, or thursday... {#8}

While my life has been a bit busy lately, it hasn't been so busy that I've forgotten the days of the week. {well, not at the moment anyway} Yes, its Thursday, but since we've got some holiday art to share today, I thought maybe you wouldn't mind. 


Jake has a funny relationship with fireworks. As long as they aren't too loud and too close, he's obsessed with them. He's been asking all week to watch videos of fireworks. But every occurrence we've had with real up close fireworks hasn't gone super well.  I'm hoping that the few we'll shoot off at my brother's house tomorrow will maybe be a little more successful this time. Fingers crossed.

For this fun project, grab a few bendy straws and tape them together. Bend the flexi part in different directions to make the legs of the fireworks. Then just add some paint along the bottom of the straws and let your kiddo stamp fireworks to his heart's content. 

Jake loved this!! I think we'll take one over to my brother as a hosting gift. He loves to stick Jake's artwork on the fridge. 

I have a little boy that loves snakes and bugs and, well, basically all things gross and slimy that I'd like to avoid. So this is my compromise, haha. 

Start with an empty toilet paper roll and let your minion finger paint it. 

After the roll is dry, cut a spiral around the roll. Depending on the thickness, this can be trickier than it seems. But don't worry about it being perfectly straight. You can always come back afterwards and trim it up. 

Cut a diamond-ish shaped head on one head and allow the other end to go to a point. 
Add googly eyes or draw on a face for extra fun.

See, now that's a cute little creature that I can appreciate! 

Hope you're having loads of fun with your little ones this summer! Check out more toddler art posts by clicking the picture below!


Happy 4th of July, friends!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a summertime giveaway

***This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for the fall giveaway!***

I love putting together these giveaways once a quarter. It's surprisingly fun to shop around for awhile and find a few things that would fit into a collection together!

I'm actually really into pink and coral right now. Could be because two of my best friends are both pregnant with baby girls {one with twins, so three little girls total!} and they're both using coral in their nurseries. I love coral and I love nurseries. Basically I'm super envious.

And yes, I want all of these items... again. I'm my own demise.

Want to win this batch of goodies? It's easy!

Follow the blog by email.
There's a handy box over on the right side of the page that will set you up on the email list. This just means you'll receive posts in your inbox as they're updated. No spam, pinky promise.

Comment below and tell what you're most excited about this summer!
A fun trip? Relaxing? A new project? I'd love to hear about your plans {or sometimes lack of}.

Giveaway is open through July 14th! Best of luck!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

my blue chair {and an intro to chalk paint}

I know that chalk paint is all the rage these days. And heck, why wouldn't it be? No sanding, no priming, dries in 30 minutes - c'mon, its the dream!

My first experience with chalk paint happened when I redid a rolltop desk for our home office earlier this year. I was operating on a strict budget for the room and opted to make my own chalk paint instead of buying the somewhat pricey {and every popular} Annie Sloan brand.


I priced my paint and furniture wax with Annie Sloan and it was going to run me around $60-$70. In making my own, I only spent about $30 and had a significant amount left over for future projects.
Feel free to search Pinterest for some recipes on making your own. Basically its a combination of wall paint, plaster of paris and water. Plus I wasn't limited the Annie Sloan color line. If you make your own paint, you can have any color that the home improvement shop can mix up!

Chalk paint is addicting! It's so easy to redo any old piece! 
I've had several friends ask me about the process. Today I'll share a simple chalk paint project with you from start to finish.

So I had the itch to fill an empty corner space with something.
My thought was to refinish a simple wooden chair that I found at a local antique shop.

Just as I was thinking of what a small amount of paint I need for this chair, I stumbled upon the Americana brand in small containers at Michael's. Win! This jar below was only $10! Well worth not having to mix my own up this time.

After wiping the chair down, I simply applied the paint... 

What a difference a fresh color makes!

Next, I sanded for a slightly distressed look. I think people get more nervous about this part than they should. You'll just want to follow the lines of a chair as if it had been worn away on its on. Go for the edges especially. Just keep in mind that there's no science to it. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone mess it up. 

Some people like a heavily distressed look and which means a lot more sanding. Personally, I like the sanding in moderation for a lightly worn look.

And last, apply your wax. Again, I skip the pricer options and buy my wax from Lowe's. This can from Minwax will run you around $10 and last for.ev.er.  Seriously.

Simply buff in the wax. It's clear so you can't really mess this up either as long as you are apply it with a little bit of muscle. The more wax layers you apply, the more protected the furniture is.

And then enjoy!!

So there's your intro to chalk paint!
I did this chair from start to finish in less than two hours. 
{Love how that chalk paint dries so quickly!}

And I'm glad that this little corner space got a happy chair!

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