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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

twix or treat! {halloween goodie bags}

Y'all know I'm a sucker for a goodie bag.
No birthday or holiday is complete without the tiniest little package for all of Jake's pals! 

So enjoy this yummy Halloween treat, kids! 

I grabbed cheap cellophane bags and fun sized Twix bars. Then I used a couple of other things I had on hand - black and white baker's twine, a tiny hole punch, and scissors. 

The design I made for these was simple, but cute. I'll even add a couple of options here if anyone wants to download them! 

Options for you:

{printable with space to add a name H E R E}
{printable without name H E R E}

Finished product was officially approved by my kiddo. He's excited to take them to his friends at his Halloween party on Friday! 

Only one week left until the big day!
Hope y'all are costume ready!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

silhouette status unlocked

Yes! Yes! Yes! After years and years of DIY, I suppose I'm finally adult enough to have a legit crafting tool! On a whim and taking advantage of an awesome sale price, I spent a little chunk of fun money on a Silhouette Portrait

It's the most basic model in the Silhouette family, so don't fret that I've gone high society on you. But this baby cuts vinyl, fabric and more. 

In true Sarah fashion, I [of course] picked a miserably hard project to start with. I used a Silhouette hack on my first ever cut. I designed my own cut out and retraced it all into the new software. And I picked a delicately tiny cut at that. 

Seriously guys, what's wrong with me?
So while it took me approximately 56 hours to figure this beast out and how to work around the system, my first project was a success!!

High five everyone! I'm a crafting grown up!

The details: I created the design in my better-known-to-me Adobe Illustrator and brought it over to the Silhouette software to clean up and trace into their system. Then I cut it onto freezer paper instead of an "approved" vinyl. Obviously this is pretty tedious as its intricate and sized small enough for an 18 month old's tshirt. But I got the pattern onto her shirt and had the design done in five minutes. 

Jake got a shirt too. His pattern was so much easier and faster. I'm improving!

Many of y'all know that I've done the freezer paper trick for years to place designs onto fabric (tutorial here!), but doing it without a cutting machine means you have to print the design onto the freezer paper, then hand cut everything out with an exact-o knife. Not the quickest task. So this bad boy will enable me to do that same process in a fraction of the time!   
Well, once I tame this machine...

So now I'm in search of allllll the Silhouette projects! Oh glorious options!!

 Want to know more about the design on Eliza's new shirt? Head over to Expecting Eliza to hear the story! 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

coffee chat {no.3}

Hi friends! 
It's been awhile since we pulled up a [completely fictitious] chair and just chatted together. Obviously over coffee, but that's basically what's always in my cup. And I guess since I'll be doing all the talking, this is like a meet up with that friend that doesn't let you get a word in edgewise.
Bless. Come chat with me anyway, haha! 


So October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month! If you're just  recently tuning in or have been living under some sort of rock, you might not know that my 14 month old daughter, Eliza, was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She is the best baby and has her own corner of the interwebz over at Expecting Eliza. I've had fun so far, sharing some tidbits about spina bifida with the world. It's something that gets very little information passed around, and I hate that! Hop over to her blog and learn something new with a few of the quick infographics I've been creating! 


I've recently become obsessed with these bars... 

I don't even know what you'd call them? Fruit bars? Every bar has an apple, ten cherries and some chia seeds. They're delicious, which is why I eat them. But they're also kinda of healthy, which is why I keep buying them and patting myself of the back about what a great, health conscious eater I am. Feel free to roll your eyes at that one. 

Pretty much everywhere carries them near the health food snacks. Or here's a company link in case you want to buy a case of 100... I'm considering it. 


Also in October? Halloween! I can't believe it's right around the corner! I'm a total slacker this year because, while I've planned out our entire costume theme, all my supplies are still in the exact same pile they were six weeks ago. We have our family Halloween with the kids, an adult Halloween party, and are even planning to house a decorated trunk at our church's Light the Night trunk or treat festival! Clearly I need to get myself into gear or I'll be a constantly behind stay-at-home mom for Halloween. 
But I'll answer what you're wondering... yes, it's another year of family themed costumes. And since you're reading ahead of time, I'll even spill the beans. Prepare yourself for the Wilder Family Circus!


Over the holiday weekend, we went on a family trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama! The weather was so perfect for a beach trip and my sweeties adore playing in the sand and watching the ocean. Our last morning there, Eliza was literally blowing it kisses! 


Other than my front porch, I've done a pitiful job of decorating for fall.
These other folks have things looking pretty spectacular! Let's live vicariously through them!
sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /

I hope your fall is full of pumpkins and costumes and football and thankfulness!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

fabric travel high chair {DIY tutorial}

We have an upcoming family beach trip and I'm knee deep in packing lists. What's the deal with the massive amount of stuff you have to take when you're traveling with small kids?! It's overwhelming!

So last weekend, I decided to eliminate one bulky item from my list - a high chair/booster seat for Eliza! Instead, we'll be taking this:

It's a great alternative that fits almost any chair and folds right up! Can't beat that!

And for those of you that are already checking out on this post because sewing, WAIT. It's really not tough! If you can sew in a straight line with your machine, you're golden! 

: :  Materials  : :

 - 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for interior
 - 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for exterior
 - 1/2 yard of batting

Technically, you don't have to do two different fabrics. You can grab one yard of a single fabric and it's perfectly fine. But I like the pattern contrast on this one.

So this project is made up of three shapes. Start by cutting them out. You'll need each shape from your bunting and your two fabrics. So a total of nine pieces.

Strap piece: 37" x 7"
Seat piece: 18" x 12"
Connector piece: 4" x 3"

Then place all three of each shape together to be sewn. Imagine sewing this like you would a pillow case - sewing it inside out, then flipping it the right way. So put the pretty sides of the fabric facing each other and then add the bunting to one side. Pin like crazy!

And just like sewing a pillowcase, you're going to leave an opening in one spot to flip the fabric right side out. The secret to this project is to make sure your opening starts in a specific place so you can easily fit your three pieces together.

On the super long strap piece, the opening should be on the longer side, in the middle. 
One the medium piece, the opening will be on a shorter end, in the middle.
And on the smallest piece, you don't have to worry much. Don't even bother sewing the ends. Just make sure the sides are done. If you're confused about the placement, scroll down and you'll see how it all fits together.
The squiggly lines show where to leave a gap open. It helps me to mark that with a vertical pin.

Once you've sewn around the edges, flip each piece right side out.

Grab the littlest, tiny piece. It's going to serve as your connector between the other two.  Line up one of the open edges into an the open spot on the seat piece. Pin in place.

 Sew all the way around the very edge of the seat piece. This finishes off the seat piece while also attaching it to the smaller connector piece. 

The place the other unfinished end of the connector piece into the open spot on the strap piece. Same story - sew around the edge of the larger piece, sealing it all together. If you'd also like to sew the couple of inches around the edge of the connector piece you can. Totally optional. Here's what it should look like with all the pieces attached together:

And last, add the velcro! I attached a long piece to the straps. Remember, one on the inside end of the strap, one on the outside of the other end of the strap. I would definitely go with sew on velcro this time. You'll want the most secure hold.

And you're done!

Then give it a try! Eliza loved sitting like a big girl.

Of course, hang with your baby while they're in this travel seat. Without a five point harness, they won't be completely secure to walk away from. But its such a great space saving option to leave in the car for trips!

High five for one less thing in the car!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

toddler art, wait no, wilder kid art!

Toddler Art Tuesday has been a true lost art lately. Maybe it's feeling a bit weird since this kiddo isn't a toddler anymore. In fact, he's basically 4 going on forty. So in the spirit of keeping it real, I think we're going to officially change the name over to Wilder Kid Art. That also gets me out of that pesky, only Tuesday business. 

Shew, now that the housekeeping is over...
I don't think it's a secret that my preschooler Jake is obsessed with all things space. Planets, rockets, stars, he loves them all! He's even been filming his own space show this week! Links at the bottom of the post!

So any craft about the solar system is in immediate shoe-in for him. And since the supplies were basically minimal, I was a happy mama with this idea. 

Keep in mind, this is a craft that can be modified! Not into space? Make some other shapes and designs! 

Solar System Suncatchers!

:: Supplies ::

Coffee filters
Magic markers 
Spray bottle 
Contact paper 

I cut out the general shapes of each of the planets myself. Jake was standing by, nitpicking over which ones looked correct. Clearly I'm raises a tiny version of my own self. 

Then I let him loose. He colored each of the planets with magic markers. Neatness definitely doesn't count on this one either since the next step gives any clean lines

Next we laid them out on a cutting board and headed outside with a spray bottle. I gently sprayed our planets. You don't want them sopping wet, but make sure that there is a layer of water on them.  
Clear as mud, no?

They dried pretty quickly, and Jake and I (ok, so just me) placed them within two sides of contact paper to ensure their survival from tiny hands.

We attached them to the window with some simple Scotch tape. He arranged them to his liking because neurotic space kid.
And now he is obsessed!

Recreate this with whatever design suits your fancy! Maybe even just some simple shapes with your favorite designs and colors!

Interested in seeing Jake's Planet Show?
Here is Episode 1 and Episode 2

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

new fall prints!

Happy first day of fall!
 What a beautiful season!

I've been slowly adding some fall decor around the house and decided to include some new prints in the shop!

Fall feels crisp and clean and thoughtful. 
It is is a season that always offers renewed perspective for me. 
It reminds me of God's goodness and grace. And most especially His faithfulness in the hard times. 
  Gosh, who wouldn't look forward to a season like that?

To snag one of these beauties, head over to the print shop today! 

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

a diy personalized tote bag {tutorial}

So here was my situation...
When I'm headed out to therapies with my gal pal, my hands are full. Really full. A crazy wiggly baby, a diaper bag, a bulky gait trainer and her HKAFO braces. While my Michelle Obama arm muscles have yet to arrive, I can definitely say I am owning the patience level of a three year old amidst my awkward load. Insert mad faced emoji... 

I thought a bag for her braces might help. Then I could have two bags on my shoulder and two big items in my hands. So I searched high and low for a bag for homegirl's braces (btw, you can read more about those braces HERE!), but I came up with nada that was tall enough for them. Insert mad faces emoji again. 

So what does a mama do? A mama improvises.

I found this great tutorial and made my own tote bag. My own! I just feel completely inadequate at a sewing machine most of the time so, seriously, I'm so proud!! Obviously it needed some jazzing up so that's where this little how-to comes in. 

I decided I wanted to personalize it for her with a letter out of some cool vintage style fabric. So I nabbed a quarter of a yard and some HeatBond.

Cut out a section of each that is big enough to hold your design. Then iron them together - reverse side of the fabric sticking to the waxy side of the HeatBond. 

Flip your piece over to the HeatBond's paper side and trace your design. Make sure to do it backwards! You can draw or print out your design in transverse or even just flip the design backwards before you trace it, like I did. 

Cut out the design and peel off the HeatBond paper. There should be a glossy coat on the backside of your design.

Iron it down in place! 

You can be finished at this point. Or you can jazz it up a bit! I decided to add some hand stitching around the outside of the letter.

After making the custom bag for Eliza's braces, I decided to whip up a library book bag for each of the kids too. These bags were plain grey ones I grabbed from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks each. Adding both letters took me about ten minutes! 

Feel free to tack on a pompom, some fun ribbon, or even a tassel too! Have fun with it! 

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