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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

currently {may}


I'm such a sporadic reader. I'll go through 3-4 books in a few weeks and then not touch another for months. But I'm happy to report that I'm in my reading mode right now and I'm bulldozing through some fabulous books. This is my latest! I'm so excited about a new Kristin Hannah book. I love Winter Garden so hopefully The Nightingale will be just as wonderful.


I love Crowder. For years now. And this newest album is the latest in a long line of goodness. Do yourself a favor and nab this one!

On a little vacay! Jake, J.B. and I just got back from a trip to the Gulf and we had the most wonderful time! His aunt was nice enough to let us use her house on the bay and it was the perfect relaxing getaway before Miss Eliza will make us a family of four.

Opening a print shop! I've had a lot of print requests and after some thought, I'm happy to open up a digital shop for the public. Its been really fun creating some new ideas for the shop! I'm excited to see how it will do and what kind of creativity I can pour into it! Stay tuned for news about the debut!

Baby Eliza! 
It's such a range of emotions expecting her. There are so many overwhelming things to consider and plan for. Sometimes its easy to lost sight of the best part: our baby girl! 
I just can't wait to meet her and see what she'll be like. I've been putting the finishing touches on her nursery and creating lists of the final things we need to pick up for her. 

Next week we have some appointments at the Children's Hospital that will hopefully help us plan a little better for her arrival. I can't wait to know more!

Summer plans! School is out for Jake and its officially getting to be a bamillion degrees around here. That means summer! Our to do list has been made up and I'm hoping we can accomplish all of this before Eliza makes her arrival!

Have you made plans for the summer? A vacation? A fun list like ours?
Get on it! It's already here!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY directional sign {tutorial}

I was stumped. This doesn't happen often. Probably because I'm so irritated by the feeling of being "stuck" that I don't allow it to happen.

Last weekend was Mother's Day. And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do for my mom. It wasn't until I was restlessly wracking my brain at the last second, that I decided I wanted to make her a directional sign for her garden. The kicker? I just had a few hours to make it!

So here's how we tackled this fun project!

For mom's sign, I decided to list all the cities that mean something to her. Most of them have a close family member (my brother, my uncle, my grandmother) living there. After making my list, I scavenged my weathered wood to see what I had for the markers. You could also use new wood if you like, just make sure it's treated to be outside. 

After picking out my wood pieces for markers and grabbing a 2x2 post from Lowe's, I got to work. I had J.B. cut the markers to around 20" each and then point the ends of them like an arrow. 

Next I did a white wash paint style treatment on them. Sounds fancy, eh? It's not. Just take your regular acrylic paint and water it down. It give the surface a more rustic and transparent look while still applying some of the paint color. 

Now, if you're doing a literal direction sign, this is the tricky part where you have to sit down and figure out which arrow should point which way. One corner of your 2x2 post should face "forward. That will give you one side of the posts for markers to point north or south and the other side of the post to use for east and west markers. From my mom's garden, I figured out which cities were in which direction and prearranged a layout. Do this ahead of time so you can make sure to paint the correct side of the marker and have the arrow pointing in the right direction. 

I chose different fonts for the various cities just for kicks. And I used the same stenciling technique from this tutorial to do it. 

J.B. helped me attach the markers to the post, which went pretty quickly with four hands. Make sure to use screws instead of nails. Nails might give more when you pound the sign into the ground, whereas the screws will hold fast. 

And there you have it! A fun directional sign for any outdoor place! 
I've seen some fun version of these on Pinterest. All the fun options for book settings might be my favorite ones!

via / via / via

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

end of the year preschool gift

Today is my little one's last day of school. 

School. Well, he goes two mornings a week for four hours. But that's a big deal to him. And to this momma is none the less sentimental about the year being over. He has been spoiled with two of the best teachers that have absolutely loved on him every moment he's there. I'm beside myself that he won't be with them after today.

So in a meager attempt to ease my pregnant emotions over the end of the school year, I decided to have a little prize for all the kiddos in his class to take to the party today. 

Because what three year old doesn't love bubbles?!

This was a fun and inexpensive little surprise. I nabbed the 3/$1 sets from Target and created some little tags to tie onto each bottle. 

Try you hand and these! Heck, use my template {go here to print it out} for the tags.
Maybe some bubbly fun will cure a case of the sentimentals that you come up with too! 

This kiddo says cheers to summer!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

giveaway winner!

Happy Friday! I'm just popping by to announce the April giveaway winner. 
Thanks to random.org, our giveaway winner is....

Congrats Mary Jo! Send me a note and I'll ship off the goodies to you asap!

We've been super busy enjoying the beautiful weather, working in the yard, and having an overall crazy busy month! I love spring! 
But don't fret, I'll be back next week with some new ideas and tutorials!
Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

summer plans

I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend about our summer plans. She's a teacher and mom to a vivacious seven year old and she's eager to show him summer is more than video games and hanging out at the house. My initial thought? I have no idea what to do with a seven year old!

After our conversation, I put some thought into what they might enjoy, followed quickly by what our family might enjoy this summer as well! Adding a baby into the mix in a couple of months has really reminded J.B. and I that we want to spend some special time with Jake between now and the end of July. 

So, for those of you that are wringing your hands over what to do this summer, fear no more. I've amassed a slew of ideas for all ages and thrown them together into five categories. Five fun ways to spend your summer!

I'm a big advocate of kids just being outside. Building Jake a tree house this spring was a big part of that. And there is so much they can learn out there! A few examples for you? Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bike rides, dog parks, rock collections, playgrounds, flying a kite, picnics, gardening, and building... well, anything!

Look, I get that it's 2015, but I have to say this... The library is still cool. Kids checking out books, playing with puppets and puzzles, listening to story time? It's all still so good! Our local library has tons of activities for kids during the summer. I'm sure yours does too!  And I think any kid of any age would love a summer book reading challenge! 

We're in the South. And spoiler alert: it's really hot here all summer long. Basically, water fun keeps us alive. 
Sprinklers, slip'n'slides, water gun fights are all awesome backyard options. 
Also, everyone needs to have a friend with a pool. Or maybe a membership to the Y (remember it's income based so look into that even if you're on a tight budget) 
There are also several local free splash pads that are open every day. Look around your town for those!

And what would summer be without a road trip or two? It can be a day trip or a full vacation! Find some neat places within your budget and time frame to check out this year. 
Examples? Hiking at a state park. Spending a day at the zoo. Checking out a local cave. Going to an amusement park. An indoor day at the aquarium. A beach vacation. A concert trip. Overnight camping in the woods. 

One of the best things to do is to create some family traditions. This can be something small like snocones every Friday night. Or maybe a trip to the drive in theater once a month. A lot of towns around here have a monthly tradition like "First Friday's" where craft or food vendors all come out to a huge park or downtown area once a month for everyone to check out. There are so many special traditions that you can create over the summer with your little tribe. Go for it!

I've always thought that the easiest way to organize your ideas is to make a list. This, my infamous "to-do" lists. I'm still in the process of making the Wilder family plans for this summer {baby prevailing!} but here is our list from last year to get you going.

Happy planning!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

expecting Eliza

Guess who's awesome enough to have her own blog space?

My lovely Eliza girl, that's who. 

There always a lot of information that people ask me about and I wanted to have a space that was just her own. So I hope to keep it updated over the course of my pregnancy and then, obviously once she's here fill it with mommarazzi updates and pictures.

If you're interested in checking it out, click below: 


I'm happy to have a spot to educate more people about spina bifida.
And a place to record our journey with her. I'd love for you to follow along!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

And this is one of your last chances to enter the April Giveaway!
Click the image goodies to enter to win!


Giveaway closes 5/4!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a little garden for a little gardener

I love working in the yard. I'm no pro, but am seriously coming to obsess our lovely backyard space. And I've always found something therapeutic about even pulling weeds.

Nowadays, with a tiny minion around, I have a second set of hands in the dirt. Jake loves to use his own gardening tools and help me outside. So I thought it was about time for him to have his own little flower garden. 

The idea went over pretty well, as you might can imagine.

We started with some small pots and Jake's six flower picks.
I added them to a nice metal basket {for easy moving} and created some little wooden labels.


For the labels, I painted the little wooden stakes black and stamped them with some white paint. 

He loved learning about all of the different flowers and what colors they would be. 
Every morning, we have to go out and give them each a little water and make sure to ask the sun to shine. 
{Because you need to talk to the sun to make sure it'll shine, of course...}

Tonight when I tucked him into bed, he told me that he was going to dream about pink and purple sweet peas. I'd say this little garden experiment is already quite the success!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And don't forget to enter the April Giveaway!


 Last day is 5/4!
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