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Friday, May 20, 2016

summer to do {2016}

Oh yes!! It's that time of year again! 
Jake is out of school and we're readying our summer list!

I love the freeing schedule of summer and the free time to do whatever we like!

Jake and I had the great idea to keep a picture journal of all the fun things on our list. On some pages (like the ones below), he'll practice his letters by writing a sentence and then he can draw a picture. At the end of the summer we can bind them all together and have a great book of memories!

{go HERE to snag some of these blank sheets}

Do you all make a fun to do list with your kiddos?
I hope your summer plans are looking as fun as ours!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

eight and nine months {eliza}

9 months, guys. She's growing so so fast!!

This lady has had a busy couple of weeks. She still goes to spina bifida clinic every three months to see a slew of specialties that evaluate her progress and discuss her future care.
Our latest clinic was just last week at Vanderbilt. She aced thru all of the testing and imaging and every single specialist gave her a rave review! We're always especially excited to hear that her kidneys and bladder are performing just as they should, which means she can skip a cathing regime be in regular diapers for now!

At home, Eliza has regular physical therapy through the Alabama Early Intervention program, through a private in-office therapist, and beginning this week, aquatic therapy!
PT keeps us working hard and doing a lot of strength training, which has really shown to pay off. Eliza now rolls well in all directions, crawls backwards, and even pivots herself around in circles. The next step is forward crawling! 

She's improving on her sitting and doing better and better over time.  She's playing some on her knees, which is great for her hips. And recently she's even held a bit of weight on her legs! So exciting!

Over the next couple of months, several of her therapists are discussing how we will be getting her moving and standing. Eliza will be getting some leg bracing and even some cool stand equipment to help with this!

And here are all the fun details... 

Height: 27" - She's a petite little thing like her momma.
Weight: Almost 17 lbs. Based on all her squishy goodness, you'd never guess that she's around the 25% in weight. But because she's also so short, it balances out perfectly! She's just right!
Sleeps: Like a boss! Girlfriend sleeps about 10-11 hours at night and then take two big naps during the day. I'm thrilled with what a great sleeper she is. We have yet to really do any sort of sleep training because there's never been a need. Simply keeping her on a schedule and adhering to the basics of good sleep has been enough. Woohoo!!
Eats: Everything in sight. Ever since we starting introducing some solid foods, Eliza has immediately taken to eating all. the. things. Purees, regular food, finger food, she doesn't care! Just feeeeeed her. 
Loves: Dancing, snuggling, playing in the water, any second that anyone is paying her a lick of attention. 
Hates: Missing meals and naps. Me too, sister, me too.  

We've got a fun summer planned for both kiddos and I'm so excited to be hanging with them full time. 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

the summertime blues {end of the year teacher gifts}

This is the week of gifts ideas! 
First Mother's Day, now teacher gifts. 
Seriously though, talk to me about how school is out already. Sorcery! 

Jake had two lovely teachers this year at his preschool. They loved on him, helped him grow, and let him be weird. What more could I ask for? It was a neat year to watch him grow so attached to his teachers and school buddies. I'm sad to be ending our time with them already. 
How fast can you say "summer play dates!!" 

So we wanted to create something fun and useful for his teachers as a little thank you and a sign that we'd miss them. 
Our theme? The summertime blues.

Included is a striped canvas tote bag, a blue ombré beach towel, some sunscreen, and some chocolate-y snacks. 

I added a little personalization to the striped totes (originally from Hobby Lobby) by painting an initial on the outside. 

Y'all know I'm all about some monochromatic gift sets. So who can beat this adorable set up? 
Hopefully Jake's precious teachers agree!

Now onto summer! 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

a garden gift

My mom is a pretty avid gardener. 
{That's probably putting it mildly.}

And I'm a pretty avid crafter. 
{Again, understated.}

So what better idea for Mother's Day than to craft up something fun for her garden?!

I had a great time creating this watering can!
It's a standard metal can hanging on a decorative stake hanger. But what makes it extra fun are the glass beads draping out of the spout.

I used beading wire to thread through the water holes in the can. A small bead on the inside holds the wire in place, then I filled the strand with glass beads before wrapping it around the end bead. 

It looks awesome in the sunlight! The beads reflect like a ton of prisms! 

More funky junk for Mom's garden and hopefully a great Mother's Day gift! 

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

the W wall

The long awaited W wall is finally complete!!

{It's a funky shaped space with no natural light of its own and weirdly impossible to photograph, so bear with my photos and use your own imagination to add any necessary awesomeness}

Considering that I've been collecting these letters for a matter of years, can I just breathe a huge sigh of relief that this is up on the wall in the second story landing. And its looking so great!

Many of the W's are actual shaped letters, but others are a collection of frames with a simple W inside.

Like on scrapbook paper...

Or a chalkboard W...

A couple were mini projects, like the wood burning W...

Or the mini pallet W...

I think my favorites might be this antiqued W that my friend Erin made for me (tea staining!) and the mirrored W. 

I'm not sure if letter bias exists, but feel like 'W' is a great gallery wall letter! 

I'm so excited to be revamping this wacky little landing!
 Hang tight to see how the other side of the landing gets made over. Three words, folks: custom church pew!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

typography gallery walls


Does everyone else collect some kind of random item? I feel like this is a thing. Or maybe I've just watched entirely too many episodes of American Picker. Also could be that I'm trying to justify this to myself. Whatever guys - there's no stopping me. 

So confession: I collect W's. 

As in the letter. As in the first letter of our last name.

See, not so weird right? We've ended up with quite a plethora around the house, included the downstairs bathroom that has been decked out with quite a few. 

It started as a simple enough, "Oh that's a cute little letter! And its the same as our last name! Let me grab that!" and morphed into "GIVE ME ALL THE 'W'S!"

Probably ever since I saw this over at Jones Design Company... 


Emily Lex's 'L' Wall is swoon worthy. 

Recently I've made my letter hoarding a bit more intentional as I plan to create a 'W' wall of my own. Remember that weird landing we have at the top of the stairs on the second floor? It's getting a little facelift! Nothing fancy, but an 'W' definitely fits the bill. 

So as I start dreaming up my new plans for this little space, join in and check out a few of my favorite letter gallery wall spaces!






So go forth! Buy all the letters!! 

I'm headed out on a girls trip this weekend where I'll finally get to take a deep breath and do some fun planning and designing. Look for my W wall next week!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

diy magnolia wreath {tutorial}

Thanks to entirely too many episodes of Fixer Upper, I've been aching for my own magnolia wreath.
 It's seriously been a long time coming. First, I looked around online and got complete sticker shock. Then I considered creating my own after preserving some magnolia leaves. Way too much work. 

So here I am with the best looking fake magnolia leaves that money can buy.
Half off from Hobby Lobby, of course!

Two clusters of leaves was more than enough for a wreath.

I used hot glue to attach the leaves after I cut them off in groups of three. Every so often I'd detach a single leaf and flip it backwards for some additional depth and texture.

This proved to be an easy and simple project. It took me approximately half an episode of Project Runway to complete, ha!

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